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The installation of the cygwin based Windows tools from GNUARM seems to be not complete at all. There are some files missing.

Attention: This files are not testet!

The following files are extracted from the orginal cygwin files.

To get it working, copy this files into the subdirectory "bin", located in the installation directory of the GNUARM tools (for instance c:\Programme\GNUARM\bin\).

The files are based of an installation using the bu-2.16.1_gcc-4.0.1-c-c++_nl-1.13.0_gi-6.1.exe.

cygintl-3.dll basic file
cygncurses-8.dll necessary for the debugger
make.exe cygwin based "make" (be sure that there is no other file called "make" in your path)